What do you need to rent a Scooter in Barcelona?

What do you need to rent a Scooter in Barcelona?

What do you need to rent a Scooter in Barcelona?

If you are planning a trip to the ciudad condal, you must know that renting a Scooter is the best way of moving around in Barcelona, avoiding the often complications of using public transportation, especially during the summer. It is not a coincidence that Barcelona is the European city with the highest number of Scooters per citizen. That is why you should take a look to the next guidelines, so you can feel confident about your experience as a rider.

Driver’s License

First thing you require, is a valid driver’s license in Spain. You can check if the license issued by your country of origin, allows you to drive vehicles during your trip. Even though it is commonly allowed driving abroad as a tourist with your own country’s license over a three month period, it is recommended to verify this information before your trip and, as a complementary measure, you can request an international driver’s license in your country.

If you are a citizen from an EU or EEA country, you do not have to worry about this, your driver’s license is valid through all member countries, including Spain. You can also verify if your permit is valid by checking the international treaties signed by your country of origin or multi-lateral agreements.

Beware: If you have an AM category permit, you will have the possibility of driving a 50cc Scooter. The same will happen if you possess a car driver’s license and it was issued less than three years ago. On the other hand, if you have an A1 or car driver’s license issued more than 3 years ago, you are allowed to drive a Scooter or a 125cc motorcycle. Consider that for driving large-displacement motorcycles, you will need a different type of license, such as A2 and/or A.

Credit Cards

Most of motorcycle rental companies in Barcelona provide an insurance against damages to third parties for their fleet. Additionally, even when you might have the option to hire a full risk insurance, most of companies covers up to 500€. That means in case of any damage to the Scooter, your responsibility (the amount of money you will have to pay) will not exceed that number, as long as you comply with the general conditions of the contract (That is why you always have to read it).

Because of that coverage, companies request a deposit. In other words, a warranty that covers any incident or minor damage that the Scooter might suffer. If the Scooter is returned in perfect conditions, the deposit will be returned as well. The best alternative to perform that operation is with a credit card.

Passport, DNI or ID

Your ID is necessary for any operation of buy or rent products or services. It is the same for renting a Scooter. You must show your Passport, DNI or ID, so your personal information can be confirmed by the company.

Besides, remember that Driver’s License from other countries are valid as long as you come to Spain as a tourist. If for any reason you exceed the term of stay (3 months), your driver’s license will not be valid, so you must request a change of license before the Dirección General de Tráfico (Spanish authorities for transit).

Previous Experience

Even though some companies skip this requirement, most of responsible companies take it very seriously, in order to avoid any incident, both for the safety of the client and others during their experience.

If you do not have previous experience driving motorcycles or Scooters, the best option for you might be another type of transportation. Renting a Scooter in Barcelona implies an important responsibility, and drivers have to consider both their skill and the particularities of traffic in the city.

Remember that if you want to rent a Scooter in Barcelona, you will have to meet all of these requirements, so you can have an unforgettable experience with nothing to worry about. If that is the case, get ready to know Barcelona with total ease.