Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1- In case of accident or theft, you must contact the following numbers before 24 hours after the incident. And file the appropriate complaint of theft as the case with the Local Police, NATIONAL POLICE OR CIVIL WARD. Also contact numbers of the renting firm 971384872-669033297.
2- The signature of the Driver recognizes having read the Terms and Conditions in detail described in the present contract required for driving the vehicle.
3- The Driver agrees to respect the current local traffic law at all times and also to be responsible for any traffic or parking fines that may be incurred with any misuse of the vehicle or failure to comply with the local traffic law while the vehicle is being rented.
4- Damages caused by the Driver either by misuse or careless driving is not included. Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol releases the Rental Company from any liability.
5- The damages that can be generated by the Lessee shall be subject to examination and subsequent budget by the Lessor. This implies that the deposit will not be returned until it is certified with a provisional budget the value of the repair.
6- In case of a breach in any of the detailed conditions, http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com can wipe out the contract at any time, demanding the return of the vehicle in which case the Client will return the vehicle as soon as possible to our office.
7- http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com is authorized to use this personal data for our marketing purposes and to add them to our database for future communications.
These General Conditions, are applied to the booking service vehicles (referred to as the Service) provided by http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com located in Gustavo Más, 21, 07760, Ciutadella de Menorca, Baleares, Spain. These General Conditions are available to users on its Website http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com and attached in the rental contract.
In using this service the Client agrees to comply with the General Terms and Conditions as laid out in this document as published by http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com at the time of contracting the service. For this reason it is important that the Client read the General Terms and Conditions before using the service, which will be available in English where the renting service is available. As proof of having read the document the Client must sign these General Terms and Conditions along with the contract that accompanies it, once the characteristics of the rental and personal data have been collected. The signature serves as an agreement to comply with both the Terms and Conditions and the rental contract.
To use this Service, the user should follow the instructions on the Webpage or in the contract that is presented at the time of vehicle pick-up.
1- Selection of reservation data (useful information about the driver or drivers, rates, equipment selected by the Customer, place of delivery and return is required)
2- Read and accept these General Conditions.
3- Booking information will be sent to the E-mail address provided by the Client once the reservation has been finished, along with a copy of the General Conditions duly justified with the documents that correspond to the reservation.
4- The booking through the Website http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com is free.
5- The number of credit card will be requested for the purpose of booking or payment of rental. We accept Visa and MasterCard or international cards issued by Spanish Banks.
6- Payment by credit card will only be made through the page designated by our rental company and at the time of the delivery of the vehicle.
7- The credit card payment must be made by the driver or drivers. If not, the card holder must be present at the time of the delivery of the vehicle.
8- Prices: the rental and purchase prices are detailed on our Webpage; they include the 21% VAT.
If through no fault of our Company, the Customer does not pick up the motorbike at the time provided in the booking or contract, the Company will not extend the contract or pay the hours or days not consumed.
The delivery time, previously requested by the Lessee, will be respected by the Company. If the Customer would like to collect the motorbike before the requested time, the Customer must pay the corresponding amount.
The Return time, previously requested by the Lessee, must be respected. WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS.
The delivery of the vehicle, will be made at the required time by the Customer in the online booking form on: http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com
Customers that selected as point of delivery and return: Airport, Bus Station Mahón, Port of Mahon or Port of Ciutadella, will be pickup by a private transfer and taken to our office for delivery of the motorbike. The pickup and subsequent return of Customers at these locations, will be subject to a time frame.
Lessee acknowledges that he has received the vehicle in good working order, including the two tires. It should be return it in the same conditions.
In the event that the delivery or return takes place in a private home, http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com warns that because of the difficulties in traffic sometimes can be before or after the agreed time. http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com will keep the Customer informed at all times the status of delivery.
In the case that the motorbike is not returned on time, http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com has 15 minutes of courtesy, after that time, the Company reserves the Right to charge the Customer with a maximum of € 25 per hour delayed (depending on the circumstances) in concepts of damages caused to the Company.
EMPRESARG S.L. is not responsible for any damages that may arise from (this list is not exhaustive):
1- Delays or blockages on the Internet caused by deficiencies or overloading as well as any other electronic system error.
2- The impossibility of providing the service or allow access for any reason.
3- For any Client error during the booking process that impedes a successful reservation, such as an incorrect reservation request or any other type of error.
4- If the vehicle suffers damage due to technical error, http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com will replace the vehicle as soon as possible and during the established opening hours. If this replacement is not possible, http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com will return the amount corresponding to the days not taken on the selected fare.
5- The Lessee understands and accepts the details explained in the previous paragraph and relinquishes his right to compensation for any damages.
In the case that the Client would like to make a formal complaint about http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com, they can write a written complaint at http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com, located in Gustavo Más, 21, 07760, Ciutadella de Menorca, Baleares, Spain.
These General Conditions are subject to Spanish law, which will be applied under any interpretation of details not expressly described, their validity and execution.
Any legal action will be subject to the Legislation and the Local Court System in order to resolve any controversy that may arise in the interpretation and / or execution of these General Terms and Conditions.
Motorcycles up to 50cc:
• AM License or B license with one year of service both in force.
• Older than 21years-old
Motorcycles up to 125cc:
• B license with at least 3 years since original issue date, with A1 license or higher.
• Older tan 21 years-old
Motorcycles up to 200cc and 300cc:
• A2 license or international equivalent.
• Over 21 years.
Motorcycles 400cc:
• B license, over 25 years.
• For all scooters will be essential to have Experience Driving Motorcycles.
• No pictures, photocopies or complaints are accepted and/or any other document than the original card.
• If the customer does not gather the above conditions http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com will not proceed to deliver the vehicle or return the amount paid.
The 49cc and 125cc motorbikes have a security deposit of 150 €.
The 200cc and 300cc motorbikes have a security deposit of 250 €.
400cc motorbikes have a security deposit of 300 €.
This Security Deposit must be previously paid be the Client. In no case the Security Deposit will be valid to prolong the rental contract. The payment of such amounts shall be made by credit card or cash. This amount does not cover all the total of the alleged damage, assuming that damage to the vehicle exceed the amount of the Security Deposit, must be paid by the Customer.
The Driver and/or Client is responsible for the vehicle and the damage caused during the rental, unless http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com obtains full acceptation or partial responsibility for a Third Party. This responsibility may be partially exempt by paying, per day, an amount previously set. Either way, it should be consider for those Lessees who have contracted this type of guarantee, that a non-exemptible amount will be applied in the case of damage or a loss.
None of our fares includes fuel. http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com will deliver the motorcycle with a full tank. The Customer must return the motorbike with a full tank too. In case of lacking fuel will be charged at:
Motorcycles 49cc and 125cc 15 €.
Motorcycles 200cc, 300cc and 400cc 25 €.
In concept of fuel, penalty time and travel required to be done to complete the deposit, regardless of whether the tank is partially empty or empty. “Without Exceptions”
All of our motorbikes use 95 unleaded gasoline. If there is any error in refuelling and as a result the motorbike suffer any damage, the repair will be entirely paid by the Customer.
Maintenance and lubrication of the vehicle are included in our prices. Damages caused by road and approval of the rental will be refunded at the end of the lease presenting the original receipt. (Not including punctures and / or tire changes from misuse of the vehicle.) “No Exceptions”
The damages caused by the highways and previously agreed on by the rental company will be returned at the end of the rental when the original bills are presented. (Not including punctures and / or tire changes from misuse of the vehicle.) “No Exceptions”
Mechanical wear during the normal use of the vehicle is assumed by the Company.
In case of damage to the vehicle, as well as accessories and complements, and / or loss or theft, the corresponding charge will be made to the Lessee for the following items and amounts:
– Plastics: dents, scratches. Subject to expertise by http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com
– Windscreens/mirrors: chips, cracks, scratches, o loss or theft. Subject to expertise by http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com
– Lights: broken housings. Subject to expertise by http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com
– Tires: ruptures, flats. Subject to expertise by http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com
– Accessories: loss or theft. Subject to expertise by http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com
– In case of loss of keys, they must be paid by the Client. The cost of the motorbike key depends on the model. The cost of the padlock key is 25€, trunk key is 10€ and the displacement for the delivery of keys or motorcycle locksmith is 50 €.
– If you lose the lock it must be paid by the Client. The cost is 25 € and displacement for handover or open motorcycle is 50 €.
To all of the aforementioned fees an additional 21€ VAT or similar tax must be applied.
The Basic Coverage to Third Parties does not cover:
-Personal injury, roadside assistance, medical assistance, damage to the vehicle, loss of accessories and/or personal items.
Under no circumstances Basic Coverage covers medical care assistance for personal injury. Call 911!!
The All-Risk Coverage covers damage to the vehicle, as well as full, partial destruction, loss and/or theft. The All-Risk Coverage does not cover break or loss of keys, break of key drum unless the problem is due to a defect of the motorbike, punctures or rescues as a result of punctures. Roadside assistance because of lack of fuel or loss or theft of keys, helmets and padlock. In case of accident, collecting the motorbike will be paid by the Customer. In case of refueling with an incorrect fuel, any repairs will be the responsibility of the Client. Lost or broken personal accessories or items are not covers. Accidents caused by the effects of Alcohol and/or Drugs will not be covered.
Under no circumstances All-Risk Coverage covers medical care assistance for personal injury. Call 911!!
Covers all type of accident caused by chance, however, accidents caused due to the effects of alcohol and/or drugs are not covered. Will have coverage for damage to Third Parties, punctures (in no event will cover breakage tire), broken keys. In case of accident, displace the motorbike, full or partial destruction of the vehicle, broken accessories like helmets, trunk and/or padlock.
In case of refueling with an incorrect fuel, any repairs will be the responsibility of the Client.
Under no circumstances Premium All-Risk Coverage covers medical care assistance for personal injury. Call 911!!
The Rain Coverage will cost 11€ per day and, besides covering the same as the Coverage PRO RIDER ( All Risk PREMIUM ), gives you the possibility, in case of rain the day of the return, to leave the vehicle at your hotel or apartment for later be displaced by the Company.
This service does not include the refueling of gasoline or the transfer of Customers.
Under no circumstances Rain Coverage covers medical care assistance for personal injury. Call 911!!
Client under 21 years of age are not entitled to hire extra coverage.
The delivery and pick up of luggage on hotels, has an additional cost specified on the Website http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com. This rate includes delivery and pick-up that cost may not be split up if the Customer decides to enjoy only one way.
Being the service contracted by the Web page and/or in any of our offices, can be canceled but does not return the money if the cancellation is not carried out with 15 days in advance to the day of the delivery of the scooter.
The delivery and pick up of luggage will depend on demand and availability of the Company. The schedule for delivery and/or pick up of luggage will be determined by the Company based on our forecast of work. The luggage will be delivered and/or picked up on the hotel reception desk, in the case of particular apartments or if the hotel does not have a reception desk, it will be the Customer who must always be available, depending on the delivery schedule that fits the delivery man.
The Company never will be responsible for partial or full loss of objects and/or broken bags. It is strictly forbidden to carry electronic devices like computers, tablets, telephones, money or anything of value inside the bags. If the Customer breach this norm, the Company shall not be liable for such objects. “WITHOUT EXCEPTION”
It is your obligation to inform http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com the address of your lodging, as well as is your responsibility to inform your lodging that http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com is going to leave your luggage at the reception desk.
http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com (called “Lessor”) rents to the person or persons identified in the contract as drivers and/or payers (called “Lessee”) the referred vehicle in the contract, according to the Terms and Conditions contained in the present document, in annexes and in relation to the General Current Fees (one copy of which is available to the Lessee at the Rental Station and attached the contract) and with the price agreed in the rental contract, depending on the selected tariff.
1.1 The Lessee agrees to use and drive the vehicle in accordance with the basic driving rules, traffic and according to the type of vehicle rented.
1.2 The Lessee agrees Not to use the vehicle and/or let it to be used in the following cases: Driving the vehicle in unauthorized ways or whose condition might pose a risk of damage to the vehicle or accessory (GPS, helmets, carrying case or any object provided by http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com ), push or tow any type of vehicle or any other object; either with or without wheels; participate in races; either official or not; experiment with the resistance of the materials, accessories, or automobile products (unless expressly authorized in writing by the Lessor), driving under the influence of narcotics, alcohol and/or any other type of drugs, transport of flammable goods and/or dangerous materials, toxic products, harmful or radioactive materials, or any other material that infringes upon the current legal traffic limits, such as very heavy items, quantity and / or volume which exceed the limits authorized by the Circulation Permit or the Technical Inspection Information for the vehicle; transport of more passengers than indicated on the Circulation Permit and/or the Technical Inspection Information.
1.3 Only are authorized to drive the vehicle the person or persons identified and accepted by the Lessor in the contract, providing they are older than 18 years of age and are in possession of valid driving license in force, with at least three years since the date of first issue. The only permits that will be accepted as valid to drive in Spain are:
-Those issued conforming to the current Spanish legislation
-Those Issued by Member States of the European Union in accordance with Community rules;
-Those issued by other countries or international character to be recognized as valid in order to allow driving in Spain. Taking this into consideration, the validity of such licenses will be subject to current Legislation and require that the license holder has the age required under Spanish law for the equivalent Spanish license. The Lessor reserves the express right to deny the rental of the vehicle if the Driver/Client cannot accredit to hold a valid driver’s license at the moment of the delivery of the vehicle to the Lessor according to the contract.
1.4. The Lessee agrees to keep the vehicle locked in a safe place and properly parked when is not in use and to not leave the pertinent documents inside the vehicle in order to avoid more important problems in the case of theft.
1.5. The Lessee is forbidden to lend, rent, mortgage, pawn, sell or any other way to leave as a guarantee the vehicle, the rental contract, keys, documentation, equipment, tools or accessories of the vehicle and/or any part or pieces thereof, or treating the vehicle in a way that cause harm to the Lessor.
1.6 When the instrument panel or any warning lights that detects an internal problem in the function of the vehicle light up or an external problem is perceived which would indicate a technical problem, the Lessee must stop the vehicle as soon as possible and contact the rental company or with the Highway Assistance Company contracted by the rental company and no other. Only bills remitted from that Highway Assistance Company will be accepted in cases of emergency or when the rental company has previously authorized the work.
1.7 Is not allowed to transport the vehicle on board any ship, truck or mode of transportation (unless expressly authorized in writing by the Lessor).
1.8 It is not permitted to use the vehicle inside of ports, airports, airfields and/or places similar which are no accessible to public traffic, unless expressly authorized in writing by the Lessor. In the case that the Lessor gives written permission to the Lessee authorizing such use, the Lessor must inform the Lessee about the conditions of the mandatory social responsibility insurance that might apply in such cases, and vary in different conditions. The failure to comply with this clause will be exclusively the responsibility of the Client.
1.9. The prejudices of any kind that may occur to the Lessor for breach of the conditions set out in this article and/or use other than agreed by the Lessee, authorize the Lessor to remove the vehicle to the Lessee and bill and charge them the amounts resulting from compliance with the laid down in Article 1.4 of the General Conditions.
1.10 No amount of money is refundable in the case of return before the final date specified on the rental contract.
2.1 In the case that the Client wants to extend the contract, they should communicate it with http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com. Any extension will depend on the availability of vehicles and the willingness of the rental Company, previous payment, and the renewal of the contract. For such an extension and/or renewal the Lessee shall appear in person at one of our offices. No extensions and/or renewals can be made of another method other than the contractor personally in our office are made.
2.2 If the Client wish to cancel the contract shall notify http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com. Such cancellation will correspond to the refund previously paid by the customer. The refund will be made directly to your credit card. http://www.motorentsoldeplata.com/ http://www.rideonmotorent.com will not pay banking fees that may exist in the process. No refunds for cancellations made less than 15 days before the time of delivery.