Rent a Scooter from your mobile phone

Rent a Scooter from your mobile phone

Starting this month, if you Access to our web from your mobile device, it would be easier to rent a Scooter with the new mobile versión of Rental Moto Barcelona. You will only need to go to our web and automatically you will see our new, more friendly and intuitive design. A step forward from Rental Moto Barcelona to offer you the best experience during your Scooter rental process.


What will you find in this new version? Next you will find our explanation:

Book Engine

In this new mobile version, you will be able to access to the book engine selecting the date and time for your Scooter rental. After that, you will have to follow the usual steps to select the model, price, extra features and completing your contact information; additionally you can choose between paying immediately or when you pick up the Scooter. All of it in an easier way and adaptive to your mobile device.



Additionally, we included a geolocation option. Using Google Maps, you will be able to find quickly our offices and adapt your itinerary to find our offices and pick up or return your Scooter without delays. No doubt this improvement will give you a great advantage to save time and money.



If that was not enough, from this new version you will be able to contact immediately our Rental Moto Barcelona Team from our Customer Service section. You can send a form with your information and comments or call us.


Arrival Notification

Among other novelties, the new mobile version of our website offers you an ideal alternative if you hire a delivery service to the airport or if you plan to arrive through Sants Station for work related matters. The option “arrival notification” allow you to contact our team to notify them about any detail of your reservation, itinerary or change in case of occurrences.


Road Assistance

At last, if during your experience in Barcelona you have any incident, you will have the possibility of contacting our road assistance service 24 hours-a-day through our web. A solution we have implemented to give you all the safety you require.


Remember that if you wish to visit Barcelona in a different, agile way and without any worries, or if you are travelling for work related matters, you can rent a Scooter with us and make the most of your visit to Barcelona.