New Scooter Rental in Barcelona

New Scooter Rental in Barcelona

alquiler de scooters en Barcelona

The vertiginous growth of Barcelona as a destination for international tourism, has produced an increase in business start-ups targeting the thousands and thousands of visitors that are traveling to the ciudad condal every year. That is the case for Jaume Garberí Mascaró, a local entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience who unveiled during last June a new Scooter Rental in Barcelona for tourists and businessmen in the city.

We are talking about Rental Moto Barcelona, a business that he defines as “a young and dynamic organization that offers a versatile and comfortable solution for city commuters”. A business that was born from the effort made through a year of planning and is now offering a fleet of scooters and motorcycles fitted to ride through every corner of the city. “We understood that Barcelona tourism is growing year after year and before that, we can offer a new alternative of urban transportation for those who visit the city, with affordable and competitive prices and a first tier customer service team”, said Garberí.

One of the main advantages that put the business in line for success –besides having an exceptional team- is its location. The main office is located just a few meters away from Sants station, an ideal spot for starting any route through the city. Because of that, their message is focused in offering a new mobility option for frequent users of the AVE -express train service that connects Barcelona and Madrid- that travel to Barcelona for businesses; added to the communicational effort made by the organization  to engage national and foreign tourists.

“If a person requires a mobility solution to attend 3 or 4 places across the city for business or work related matters, there is no better way to do it that riding a Scooter”, affirmed Garberí. That is why they have designed special one day tariffs to satisfy the demand of this kind of service. Garberí also points that “we are also working on the possibility of offering bike rental services to courier companies (among others), who occasionally need additional units to fulfil their customers’ demands.

Digital DNA

In Rental Moto Barcelona, they have made an effort to adapt their business model to new technologies. That is why they have made an important investment to offer their clients the possibility to hire their services through a booking platform available in their website ( “We have designed an ideal mechanism in order to allow our clients the possibility to hire our services through internet, in a fast and comfortable way”, he affirmed.

Besides, the business has subscribed to several digital media services, aiming to increase their brand recognition and reach more potential clients. “We believe that the present and future of tourism business sector is in the digital world, that is why we execute daily communication actions through social networks and several internet platforms, with the objective of getting closer to people and benefit from the digital environment to connect with them”, he added.

Boost to local businesses

At the same time they began commercial activity, Rental Moto Barcelona has developed a campaign to contact tourism operators, hotels, restauration businesses, hostels and other transport companies with the intention of offering their services and establishing synergies in front of tourists and visitors. About this, Garberí sustained that “it is an action we executed with the intention of establishing cooperation agreements that not only improve the opportunities for local entrepreneurs, but also helps to increase alternatives and offers to tourists, helping Barcelona to strengthen its position as a privileged destination.

Finally, it was known that among the different projects conceived to be developed from middle to long term, there is the possibility to acquire electrical vehicles for the fleet. By doing that, the business expects to offer a sustainable alternative adapted to all of their users requirements, and reaffirm their commitment to their corporate social responsibility policy, aiming to become an eco-friendly business, adapted to the sustainable concept of Barcelona.

Rental Moto Barcelona:


Phone Number: (+34) 93 181 50 50.

Main Address: Carrer Mallorca 1, planta 1, despacho 7B. 08014. Barcelona.