Know the latest news of Moto Rental Barcelona, the scooter rental company.

New shop to rent a scooter in Barcelona

In Rental Moto Barcelona we remain committed to offer to our customers the best experience of renting scooter in the city. Therefore, from this May you can find us in our second office located at Avenida del Parallel 186.


Enjoy the Formula 1 Gran Premio de España with a scooter

If you come to Barcelona in the coming days to attend Formula 1 Gran Premio de España in Montmeló do not miss the opportunity to move freely and rent a scooter to enjoy maximum of your experience in the city.


Advantages of moving in Barcelona by motorbike

In this article we will talk about the advantages of moving in Barcelona by motorbike.

Everyone knows that big cities tend to have jams and traffic on them is dense.
Public transport is very good but it is not the most efficient way if you want to go to a place fast and comfortably.


Rent a Scooter from your mobile phone

Starting this month, if you Access to our web from your mobile device, it would be easier to rent a Scooter with the new mobile versión of Rental Moto Barcelona. You will only need to go to our web and automatically you will see our new, more friendly and intuitive design. A step forward from Rental Moto Barcelona to offer you the best experience during your Scooter rental process.


Gaudí Route with a rental Scooter

Today in Rental Moto Barcelona we want to offer you an ideal alternative to enjoy the best of your experience in Barcelona, even more after renting a Scooter with us. In this regard, we all know that one of Barcelona greatest treasures it’s the cultural and architectonical appealing, because of the great artwork left by renowned Antoni Gaudí. Not in vain one of his most impressive buildings, the Sagrada Familia, is one of the most visited places in the whole world.


What do you need to rent a Scooter in Barcelona?

If you are planning a trip to the ciudad condal, you must know that renting a Scooter is the best way of moving around in Barcelona, avoiding the often complications of using public transportation, especially during the summer. It is not a coincidence that Barcelona is the European city with the highest number of Scooters per citizen. That is why you should take a look to the next guidelines, so you can feel confident about your experience as a rider.